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We know Heaven’s, Purgatory’s and Hell’s deciption cause an Italian poet called Dante Alighieri, also the Bible says very little about them.


This animal called Ribbon Worm, vomits to eat.


In spite of beign the closest planet to the sun, Mercury is not the hottest planet in the Solar System, this title goes to Venus thanks to his thick atmosphere that causes a crazy greenhouse effect, a condition that trapps the heat inside cause the high levels of carbon dioxide.


Do fish pee ?
The answer is yes, and, not only do fish pee, but their pee gives other animals in the ocean what they need to survive.


The Statue of Liberty was not always green, it turned like that because of the oxidation that the outer layers of copper underwent. The original color was a copper brown one.


Vikings din’t weard helmets with horns, at least no actual archeological evidence was found till now. Probaly this missconception was caused by a confusion with Gaul or Celtic warriors that in fact used horned helmets.


Before the 19th century shoed were not differentiated between left and right.


Bulls don’t get angry when they see the color red, in fact they can not even distinguish colors, the thing that makes him mad is the continuos swings and movements of the mantle.


The full name of the famous painter Picasso is: Pablo Diego Jose Francisco de Paula Juan Neposumeno Maria de los Remedios Kipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Martir Patricio Ruis y Picasso.


You can’t hum, if you squeeze your nose.


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